Specialty Cakes

A variety of cakes available in our stores, perfect for any occasion!

*Seasonal flavors can be ordered upon request at Cakeshop by Sonja (0917-535-3451).

Choco-Velvet Mash Up

Layers of devil’s food cake and red velvet cake slathered with white chocolate and cream cheese buttercream frosting.

P950 / whole cake

₱ 105

Choco Velvet Naked Cake

A rustic version of our best-selling Choco Velvet Mash-Up. Who wouldn’t want to see those gorgeous layers of devil’s food cake and red velvet cake?

₱ 300

Lemon Meringue

Lemon cake filled with hazelnut pecan praline and lemon curd, covered with a lightly torched golden meringue.

P1,400 / whole cake

₱ 150

Mah-Mah-My Valrhona

Dark, decadent, Valrhona chocolate cake, overloaded with shavings of pure Belgian milk chocolate.

P1,700 / whole cake

₱ 150

Rainbow Fiesta

Six layers of fluffy vanilla chiffon cake, finished with smooth marshmallow frosting and a generous amount of candy sprinkles.

P980 / whole cake

₱ 105

Rainbow Naked Cake

A 7-layer mini vanilla pound cake tinted in pastel rainbow colors and filled with marshmallow icing.

₱ 300