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Sonja's Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Donuts


“Think of it as an excuse to enjoy donuts as an actual meal and not just a dessert. That way, you can have the Vanilla Bean for dessert. We know Homer Simpson would be happy. ”

Red velvet probably would have managed to enter our lives one way or another, but it wouldn't have had the same impact or charm as when Cupcakes by Sonja sold it to us via a picturesque crimson package finished with luscious cocoa-sprinkled cream cheese frosting. We'd like to think that desserts aren't gender-particular, but we are aware that girls are more likely to think about sprinkles and icing. It was the reserved Sonja Ocampo who made even the brawniest, gym-obsessed stereotype go weak in the knees for a handheld, cream-topped heaven. 

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