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10 Must-Try Caramel Desserts in Manila

“Imagine the lightest, fluffiest dough with the clever addition of lemon zest, and a billowy caramel filling that comes so generous, it oozes up and out the top.”

Dec 12, 2016

A mainstay in most dessert shop's flavor rosters and all-in-all a timeless treat, nothing can get any more classic than caramel. The bewitching transformation of sugar heated to scorching temperatures, the outcome is deep, bitter, and complex—it's burnt belligerence soothed by the creaminess of dairy. It may shine as a standalone flavor in its own right, but it also works its magic in the background, complementing other flavors beautifully without stealing the spotlight. Here, we showcase caramel's versatility, its adaptability to various forms and its overall undying allure, as represented in 10 of Manila's finest desserts. 

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